The Red Bird Flight

When the River Centre Gallery decided to join the Hudson Gallery in downtown Sylvania, Scott & Barb Hudson recognized the opportunity to establish an arts district as the combination of two fine art galleries within a single block is virtually unknown in our region. This growing artistic energy along with the other creative businesses presented an opportunity to lead and grow as a destination for the arts in our community.

Scott and Barb gathered with Dani Fuller, Art Director of the River Centre Foundation, and Rae Betz, graphic artist, to form a branch of the Sylvania Community Arts Commission. The group began meeting in May 2015 to create the framework of the program. Red Bird believed that many of the elements already existed within downtown such as local businesses with exhibit space, live music, culinary arts, photography studios, design firms, boutiques, etc. By creatively structuring and channelling these efforts under a strong brand identity and as an SCAC supported project, the Red Bird Arts District landed in downtown Sylvania.

Scott Hudson – Owner, Hudson Gallery
Barb Hudson– Owner, Hudson Gallery
Dani Fuller – Creative Art Director, River Centre Foundation
Rae Betz – Graphic Designer, Flanders Creatives

Red Bird’s Mission

The Red Bird Arts District’s purpose is to foster our creative art culture in downtown Sylvania by connecting the art, design, music, fashion & food through events that support the businesses, welcome people to the district, and build our vibrant community.